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InstaForex: Loprais Team to Go for Rallies


The Loprais Buggyra Dakar Forces alliance led by fabulous drivers Ales Loprais, Martin Kolomý, and Yaroslav Valtr is going to start the new season with two European rallies running through Poland and Hungary.

The first race, RALLY BRESLAU, is scheduled to begin on July 12 and last for 8 days. This will be a perfect alternative to the classy Silk Way Rally which, alas, will not be arranged this year. RALLY BRESLAU has drawn attention of outstanding teams from the Netherlands, Poland, and Germany. The fans can hardly wait to enjoy the might of trucks, and there is less than a month left until this spectacular event. They are excited to support their favourite team at the largest multi-day European rally.

The second race, BAJA HUNGARIA, is planned for August 14-17 in Hungary. And this is where you will have a chance to witness the brilliant performance of InstaForex Loprais Team. BAJA HUNGARIA is one of the most thrilling event arranged by the International Automobile Federation. It is famed for its challenging stages all way long.

Currently, the team is finishing preparations and testing the Gyrtech engine. No doubt, such a powerful engine will take InstaForex Loprais Team to the triumph!

Monitor news and stay with InstaForex Loprais Team!

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