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Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator

Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator

It is no doubt that the first or maybe the most important thing a typical trader will face in his trades, is Spread. Today majority of brokers from all around the world are in a competition and do their best to attract more clients by offering lower spreads. But the question rises here is that; is the spread brokers worldwide write in their advertisements or in their websites really credible and can be trusted?! Does the broker who claims its spreads are fixed, is really offering fixed spreads in all market conditions or not?! What is the real average spread for the broker who claims its spreads starts from 0 pip?!

Although I am not a professional MQL programmer, but I myself am the one who try to meet my trading needs. One of these needs is; monitoring spread of the brokers I am working with. Off course for doing this, there exist lots of experts and indicators, but unfortunately I didn’t actually find the one which could perform my desired need. I wanted an indicator which could monitor brokers’ spread at any given times such as Asia, Europe, or American session. So I started to write Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator.

Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator

Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator’s features:

  • Real time spread display
  • Maximum spread display
  • Minimum spread display
  • Average spread display
  • Monitoring spread in 4 and 5 digit brokers
  • The ability to monitor spreads in Asia, Europe and America session, each session separately.
  • The ability to monitor spreads in any custom period.

We use this special indicator for the reviews we write for brokers such as: Exclusive Avatrade Review Or we used this indicator to record minimum, maximum and average spread when NFP was going to be published in this article.

This is the first version of this indicator and I will try to add the ability to save spreads in daily state in next versions. I am also considering adding some other special features to it. If you think there is something necessary for this indicator which can be added to it, please comment it.

This is a an open source indicator meaning you can change or reform it depending on your personal needs but please never sell it to others and observe copy right. :)

Download Advanced Spread Monitor

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