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Comparing Exness, RoboForex and HotForex Brokers in ForexBrokersJournal.Com


Here in ForexBrokersJournal.Com in 2nd of Sep 2016 our specialists decided to test three brokers naming Exness, RoboForex and HotForex according to their order execution. For this about 20mintues before publishing NFP news we took two positions (buy and sell) in each of the three mentioned brokers with 25 pips stop loss placed for each. All positions were taken on EUR/USD pair.

For Exness, the two buy and sell positions were executed at in about 800 milliseconds and without any slippage. Almost at the time publishing the news, both buy and sell positions hit stop losses and so were closed. The positive point is that stop losses were exactly closed in the spots defined and without any slippage. That means they were hit without displacing the spots defined.

Our expert advisor did its function without any problem. However duration of modifying the orders was fluctuating from 1 to 4.5 seconds. And finally sell stop order was activated a few seconds before moment of publishing news without any slippage; it trailed the position and finally was closed without any slippage by hitting the stop loss.

In HotForex the story was the same as Exness. The only difference was those sell and buy positions which were taken 20 minutes before the news, took about 2 seconds to be executed! Fortunately in HotForex too we didn’t witness any slippage for stops losses and orders.

The negative point for HotForex was that from 1 minute before the news to 3 minutes after the news, our expert encountered off quotes message for 21 times!

And Roboforex,

Our buy and sell positions were executed in about 1 second! Orders in RoboForex were modified way better than in Exness and HotForex and each order was modified in less than 1 second without any issue. Considerable point is that the chart in RoboForex was freezed from 5 seconds after the news to about 32 seconds after news and our expert could do nothing with it!

And the negative point for order execution in RoboForex is that unfortunately all pending orders whether sell stops or stop losses were closed with slippage and this is not good at all! Although the amount of slippage is not much (because in that particular moment fluctuations were not severe) but it seems if we have had severe fluctuations probably we would have much more slippage!


We prefer not to conclude our discussion for not to be accused for bias to any broker by our readers and visitors. We also present you log files for all three brokers so that you will be able to survey the things yourself in detail.

And yet 2 points; 1- the accounts which have been tested are accounts which we have traded on them before and I cannot assure you these accounts have not been set yet by the brokers based on the trades we had made with them.

2- Regarding that our volume in this test has been low and regarding high capabilities of mt4, it can be possible that order executions are different in large amount of lot sizes. We will try to test this item in future and if we encountered any considerable result we will share with you.

Once again we note that we have tried to be totally just in our review and we would be more than happy if you leave us comment.

See you soon again!


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