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OnasisForex: 100% Deposit Bonus


Open a forex account today, or replenish your exiting forex trading account and become eligible to receive an instant 100% bonus on your deposit. Double your investment capital with ONASIS Brokers before you even engage in forex trading.

Instant 100% Forex Deposit Bonus

During 2010 for example, over 22,000 traders took benefit from this generous bonus. In 2011 and with the release of this new website, we have decided to make this 100% more like a tradition by making it a static, unique and of course unbeatable offer for all our traders.

How to Get The Free 100% Deposit Bonus?

All you have to do is actually open a forex trading account or replenish your existing trading account maintained with ONASIS Brokers; Upon receiving your deposit, we will instantly check if your account meets the terms and conditions listed on this page and credit the 100% bonus immediatley if you are eligible.

General Terms and Conditions for the 100% Deposit Bonus

Please make sure you read and understand the following terms in regards to our 100% free deposit bonus. Our backoffice assistants will check each and every account deposit against these rules and will credit the 100% bonus only if your account meets the following:

  • Offer is valid for fully verified accounts only (help)
  • There is a minimum deposit requirement of $25000
  • The 100% is given unlimited times; Once upon initial deposit, and once on the each replenishment afterwards.
  • Additional bonus(es) are credited after a stop-out only. Consecutive deposits does not mean multiple bonuses.
  • Fund transferred between accounts are not eligible (see exceptions below)
  • Internal account transfers does not qualify them to get the bonus (see exceptions below)
  • Bonus cannot be transferred between accounts

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